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The 2008 animated movie “Ratatouille” is arguably the most complex and sophisticated kids’ film ever, at least in terms of its themes. At the end of the movie, something strange happens. The villain becomes partners with the hero.

That villain, Anton Ego, is a food critic, and he’s associated with images of death and Gothic imagery throughout the movie. Why is he a happy business partner of Remy the rat, the hero chef and brilliant artist? This is the tack I take in this video. I discuss what art criticism is, and what Ratatouille is saying about critics and criticism.

This is only one of many, many aspects of the movie that make it great. In truth, I could make a dozen more videos like this on Ratatouille, with a dozen different angles on nature vs. nurture, the individual versus the masses, social hierarchies, art and economics, and much more. All of those ideas are featured and mixed together in this great movie.

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